The Supreme Collection

Sometimes you just need everything in one supreme collection to give to that someone that needs to be wowed. This crate cuts no corners it’s packed with Spirits and Ready to Enjoy cocktails for the ultimate gift. The lucky owner will be mixing and serving the finest delicious drinks in town in seconds. Flair bartending lessons are not included.

Whats inside:
x1 GATHERED Conflux Sweet Tea Vodka
x1 GATHERED Nomad Vodka 750ml
x1 GATHERED Hunter Gin 750ml
x2 Blood Orange Cardamom Vodka, x2 Gin and juice
x1 Apricot Sour, Prickly Pear Margarita, Cranberry Elderflower & Rum, Passion Fruit Orange Guava & Vodka, Black Tea Lemonade & Vodka
x1 Copper Bottle Opener

Elevate your cocktail game with these crowd favourite cocktail recipes using our GATHERED spirits collections.

Sweet Tea Palmer – Start with 2oz. of Sweet Tea Vodka and top with your own lemonade of choice – we prefer a sparkling variety.

Finest Negroni – Throw in 1oz of our Hunter Gin, and your own Vermouth and Amaro. Add these 3 spirits to a mixing glass with ice and stir like you mean it. Garnish with an orange slice.

Pick Me Up – Take 2oz. of our Nomad Vodka, 2oz. of any cold brew of choice, top off with 1oz. of Baileys. Add all these to a shaker with ice and serve in coupe glass of choice with chocolate shavings to garnish.

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