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Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Masala & Vodka

What inspired this cocktail?

✅The easy answer for this is Wanderlust meets nostalgia

✅Canadian take on an Indian classic; Nimbu Pani (Indian Lemonade)

✅We made our own chaat masala spice blend for this beauty



Inspired by our ever present desire to escape to warmer climates, this month’s cocktail is a western take on a refreshingly unique street drink served throughout India. This beautiful elixir is full of bright citrus and mango aromatics. Our house made spice blend adds a balanced layer of complexity, and the whole thing wraps up with a sweet, refreshing finish. Sure to wake up your wanderlust.


Tasting notes:

Starts with Citrus, Mango and a subtle note of cumin. Warmth from the citrus and spices gives way to tartness of the mango and the salt. The spices all play a role, but none are too forward. Sweet and citrusy. Hangs around in the back of your throat like a glass of Five Alive should.



Carbonated Water. Vodka, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime Juices, Sugar, Chaat Masala (Green mango powder, ginger, coriander, carom send, mint, cumin), Citric Acid, Pink Salt, Sodium Benzoate

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12 bottles, 6 bottles, 1 Bottle


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