Spruce Tip, Vanilla & Gin

Why drink this splendid cocktail?

✅Locally harvested spruce tips impart a light, citrusy and resinous flavour

✅Vanilla and citrus elements harmonize perfectly

✅A true Pacific Northwest cream soda cocktail



Contrary to what one might think, a spruce tip does not smell like a spruce tree. It has a delicate flavour reminiscent of Honeydew melon and citrus, with a lightly resinous nose. The flavour profile is one that works well with Vanilla, so this decidedly west-coast glow-up of a cream soda was born.

Tasting notes:
Your initially met with a medley of citrus, resin and vanilla notes. A touch of yuzu pokes through to pull the nose in the direction of citrus. The flavour profile is warm, light and slightly sweet. The tones of citrus fade away to vanilla and finishes off to a lingering acidity.



Carbonated Water, Gin, Spruce Tips, Sugar Vanilla, Lemon Juice, Yuzu Extract, Spearmint Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Salt

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12 bottles, 6 bottles, 1 Bottle


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