Pick Me Up

Name someone who doesn’t love an espresso martini? This crate has you covered for all manners of expression this holiday season: having a cozy morning in, check. Sitting by an outdoor fire, check. Sneaking in a boozy drink before the proverbial stuff hits the fan, check. It’s a beautiful way to cruise around with your Provincial mug in hand and an amazing creation inside. Note: mug also works for boring old plain coffee if you must.

This bit of kit includes:
x1 750ml GATHERED Nomad Vodka
x1 250ml Split Tree Cold Brew Coffee
x1 250ml Demerara Syrup
x1 375ml Bailey’s Original
x1 Provincial Camp Mug

Retail value of $105
Makes about 8 cocktails

$ 95.20

Out of stock

Weight 4000 g


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