Pear, Lavender, Lemon & Vodka

Simplicity never tasted so good – welcome to your glass of Pear, Lavender, Lemon & Vodka. We crafted this drink to give you the gentle nudge to pursue the simpler things in life. Life’s too short to drink boring drinks so think of this as an ode to pure unabashed deliciousness.
Tastes like:
You’re taking a stroll through a fragrant garden while sipping your auntie’s secret boozy lemonade, just with far less sugar but just as much love. The combination is both refreshing and invigorating, like a splash of cold water on a hot summer day.


Carbonated water, Lavender Vodka, Pear Juice, Lemon Juice,Lavender Citrus Syrup, Citric and Malic Acid, Salt, Sodium Benzoate

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  • 12 bottles
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12 bottles, 6 bottles, 1 Bottle


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