Mango, Sage, Peach & Gin

What makes this cocktail so different?

✅Allow this cocktail to win you over with the subtle herbaceousness of sage

✅Fresh botanical and mango provide a complexity to this easy sipping’ drink

✅We made our own peach bitters to compliment this ingredient party



Mango, cucumber and sage all some together in a light, earthy blend that is mellowed out with the addition of peach bitters.

Tasting notes:
Floral, sweet, herbaceous flavours of Mango and Sage welcome your tongue to this cocktail party. Followed up a light hit of cucumber. The house made peach bitters balance the sweetness and the distinct earthiness of sage follow close behind. The finish? Smooth and sweet with a splash of lemon.



Carbonated Water, Gin, Mango Puree, Sugar, Sage, Cucumber, Orange and Peach Bitters, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Salt.

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12 bottles, 6 bottles, 1 Bottle

2 reviews for Mango, Sage, Peach & Gin

  1. Den

    I immediately LOVED the subtle, refreshing, complex flavours. Herbal, sweet (but not overly so), effervescent, fruity, and cool. Where have you been all my life!!

  2. Marnie

    So good!! Incredibly refreshing and tasty. Not too sweet. Please keep a peach drink on the list year round .. peach tamarind gin was the best! Would love to see it back.

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