Black Tea, Lemonade & Vodka

Why drink this splendid cocktail?

✅Sweet Tea Vodka + House Made Lemonade = Grip it and sip it!

✅A bit of sweetness and tartness combine to make a perfectly balanced cocktail

✅Only around for a limited time, don’t miss out for a third time



You may have had an Arnold Palmer… you may have even tossed in some vodka and made a John Daly… but you haven’t had OUR take on this classic. Specially sourced Kenyan Black Tea meets our smooth house vodka meets tart, refreshing lemonade for your new favourite.

Tasting notes:
Citrus forward with warm floral notes from the tea. The flavour is smooth, sweet tea and light tannic bitterness followed by heavy citrus and mild astringency. Finishes sweet and smooth, with a lasting lemon note.



Orange Pekoe and Earl Grey tea, Vodka, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Orange and Lemon Bitters, Citric and Malic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Salt.

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  • 12 bottles
  • 6 bottles
  • 1 Bottle
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12 bottles, 6 bottles, 1 Bottle


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