Cocktails for Life

Delicious cocktails for the rest of your life.

No gimmicks or games – this is a partnership that’s signed in blood – metaphorically speaking. You join once – you sip our tasty drinks forever (or as long as you want). This is a special once-in-a-lifetime deal to celebrate our community of regulars, loyalists, and cocktail fanatics. Each year, for the rest of your life the membership renews with a new card worth of free cocktails redeemable in our Tasting House.

Spaces are limited to the first 100 customers – once the spots are gone, that’s it.

What’s the cost of membership?
$280 including taxes, one-time payment and you are issued a Lifetime Cocktail Card.
What do I get?
20 Cocktails at Provincials tasting house in Port Coquitlam every year, in perpetuity.
Is this offer only for your Tasting House?
This is a Tasting House only offer. You need to come on down and sip sip hooray your days away.
How does it work?
Every year, you’re allotted 20 cocktails to enjoy. You can choose from our cocktail menu. On-Tap or Shaken or stirred. We update our menu 4 times a year so there will always be something new and exciting for you to enjoy.
When do I get my card?
We will issue your first-year membership card on April 1st (no joke here) and that first card will be good until April 2024. Additionally, every year we will provide you with a new card that nets you fresh new 20 cocktails for the year.
What if I lose my card?
Keep it safe and sound. The only way to get a new card is to wait until the next year when we issue the new ones. We will not replace any lost or stolen cards. Your card and membership are non-transferable and have no cash value.

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