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Contact & Hours

Most frequent questions and answers

Location & Hours

1170 – 573 Sherling Place
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

Visit our location for bottles to go, retail purchases, the cocktail crew pick up, and gifts for your neighbours or friends.

Tuesday to Friday – 12 PM TO 4PM

Join us during these times for full cocktails on tap, foodservice, and bottle shop. To get on the waitlist or make a reservation – Click here.

Tuesday – 4 PM – 9 PM
Wednesday – 4 PM – 9 PM
Thursday – 4 PM – 10 PM
Friday – 4 PM – 10 PM
Saturday -12 PM – 10 PM
Sunday – 12 PM – 6 PM


We’d love to hear any questions or feedback you have. However we are a small and agile team of cocktail lovers that get many requests each week so please be patient with our response time. We only take requests via email and do not provide phone support at this time. 





Tasting House FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Reservations & Waitlist

We always recommend a reservation Friday to Sunday. However weekday evenings are usual open for drop ins. You can make a reservation for the Tasting house during evenings and weekends. Max reservations is for 4 people and your table time is 1.5 hours. For special requests and bookings please email We do not take phone call requests. 

To make a reservation or see the current waitlist – Click here


Limited Capacity

We’re currently allowed only 23 guests in our Tasting House at any given time. This does include any kiddos. We are a very small establishment and we encourage you to join us however please be patient with our team as we are limited in capacity.

Current Menu & Food Options

All of our dishes are made by our local partners. The menu rotates seasonally and can always be found in our Tasting House. We also have monthly food truck options popping by – stay tuned to our social channels to find out. 

Contact & Phone

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Our Product FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Keep Cold & Enjoy Cold

We take freshness very seriously and we know you want the best cocktail possible. Our product is made with fresh ingredients and once it makes it to its final destination that should be your fridge. Make sure to keep chilled and the majority of our cocktails are best served over ice. If our product is left out for extended periods in warm storage the product will decline in quality over time and be less enjoyable and possibly go bad. 


Nutritional Facts & Calories

As we are an alcohol company we are not required to produce nutritional facts for all our our cocktails. In addition due to the type of product innovation we do its almost impossible for us to create, bottle and package and test products each month. For that reason we cannot provide nutritional facts or calorie information for our product. We do post the ingredients that we use in our cocktails on each label. 

Brewed on date.

Each bottle contains a batch number and brewed on date. The brewed on date contains the month, date and year that the cocktail was made.  This is how you can figure out when the cocktail was created. Our cocktails are good from the brewed on date if kept cold for up to 6 months however the quality of the fresh ingredients will get progressively less amazing over time. 

Product Issues or Questions

If you have found a product issue or want to alert us of anything please send a detailed note to

Online Orders FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

What if my goodies arrive damaged?

Holler at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours on next steps.


Do you guys do any corporate gifting/orders?

We’re always thrilled to partner on corporate orders whenever possible. Just give us a shout at

What is the estimated delivery for Online Orders

All orders being shipped out, will deliver through Canada Post and orders generally get delivered within 1-3 business days depending on your location.

All orders for pick up will be made available that same day the order was placed. 

How does ordering cocktails work?

1. Place Order
2. Select Shipping or Pick up
3. Wait for email confirmation telling you your order has shipped or been prepared for pick up.

If shipping, we provide tracking information. If pick up, roll through during our opening hours, state your intentions to our Team and we’ll take care of the rest.

Cocktail Crew FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

What's inside the box?

Six or twelve bottles of our newest concoction. No other cocktails, just our latest and greatest. Yes its all the same cocktail that we create that month. 


When does my card get charged monthly and when do you ship out?

  • 1st of every month – Your membership renews – we’ll charge your card
  • 20th of every month – Our cutoff for orders that month. Any new members joining after this date will receive their shipment the next month
  • 25th or later of every month – Your order ships out and you’ll get notified with your tracking info

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Just log into your account found here:

Click on Manage and then hit Pause. No fees or penalties, pause as long as you want. We don’t mind.


Can I gift Cocktail Crew?

A thousand percent. When purchasing a subscription just click the gift button found on the left side of the page.

Can I customize my monthly order?

Currently we don’t offer mix pack subscriptions. But we do have our Banter Box available for purchase which comes with three different cocktails. 

What if I'm not a fan of the cocktail that month?

We will happily exchange any unopened cocktails and find you one that works better. Get in touch at